Terms & Conditions

All listings must be for legal products or services.

All listings must comply with local laws and byelaws.

No abusive, offensive, or racist comments, products, or literature will be allowed. (Including digital downloads in any format available now or in the future.)

Digital download products are allowed if the seller has the copyright for the item; or the item is in the public domain, and out of copyright.

Listings will not be allowed for weapons, firearms, explosives, drugs or medicines (Of any kind)

Listings will not be allowed for any products which cannot legaly be carried by Royal Mail, or any other courier service in the U.K.

All listings are subject to review, and removal, if not deemed to comply with these terms. 

There are no listing fees.

There are no selling fees.

There will be a 3.75% fee for the transfer of PayPal payments.

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Pay securely using PayPal. Payments can be made using a debit or credit card without having a PayPal account.

The above terms and conditions may be changed at any time to comply with the law.

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